Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last Day of the Campaign

Tonight is the last night of the Campaign at the Field House. Last night more than 1,200 attended and a young lady was baptized. I preached on the topic of "Why You Should Be a Christian!" Joe Wells has been presenting his Christ and Culture lectures at the Campaign, and Chris Walker has done an outstanding job leading the singing. Both of these men are fellow soldiers in the Lord's work and a blessing to the church. We thank God for them.

To date, thirteen congregations have contributed workers and money to this campaign. We are grateful to them all! These include:

Barlow-Vincent, OH
Camden Ave., Parkersburg
Grand Central, Vienna, WV
Hopewell, Washington, WV
Lubeck, WV
North End, Parkersburg
Rockport, WV
Rosemar, Parkersburg
36th St., Vienna, WV
Belpre, OH
New Matamoras, OH
Waverly, WV
Concord Rd., Brentwood, TN
Mt. Juliet, TN

During the campaign, 198 workers from several states knocked 24,147 doors. We have had 14 baptisms so far. There are scores of bible studies yet to be held, and workers will make numerous callbacks on those who are interested. The SEARCH program has played an integral part in this campaign, since churches of Christ in the area support it and a majority of the people throughout the area have watched it! (Bob Reed estimated as many as 85% of the people in the Parkersburg area knew about the SEARCH program and the campaign.

Our greatest concern throughout the campaign has been the long-term growth of the local churches, and we pray we have lit a fire to spread throughout the nation.

We have learned to love the people of Parkersburg, who showed us such hospitality, respect and kindness. I have never worked in a campaign where the people were so kind and open. May the Lord bless this community and especially all who have labored in the heat to do the Lord's will.

With great appreciation,

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jdh2010 said...

May God be thanked and praised for what everyone in West Virginia has done with their faith and love in the preaching of the gospel!