Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not Insane At All

Recently a blogger called me to task for the article giving GREAT NEWS in a recent issue of SEARCHLight. He suggested I was insane and questioned my knowledge of church growth data about the church.

He pointed out some of the recent decline (2006-2009) among churches of Christ as if I was unaware of the facts and figures. Of course, I am aware of these matters. I am not insane.

I am well aware that some churches are graying and dying, but many are not. Many are doing quite well, growing and full of children. I have attended them over the last year traveling throughout the country.

I am also aware of how the progressives among us are losing over sixty percent of their children to community churches. However, I also realize the mainstream congregations among us are keeping most of their children (according to Flavil Yeakley, with whom I had a lengthy conversation last year). For the research see "Where Are the Children?" in Life's Greatest Questions, 2009 ETSOP Lectureship in Karns, TN.

I have frequently given a list of "progressive" congregations that have shrunk by the hundreds of members in recent years because they adapted a compromise theology. Insane? No.

Phil Sanders