Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Amazing Beginning

This is the end of my first full day at the Parkersburg and there have already been seven baptisms! I am including some pictures of a couple of baptisms at North End in Parkersburg, where about 50 workers went out to sow the seed. It is about 90 degrees here and quite humid. Everyone is thankful for the water provided for us. The meals have been delicious, and some businesses have donated the food. God has been blessing us.

Incredibly, everyone here has seen the commercials for the Campaign. They have been shown many, many times and will continue to the end of the Campaign on July 30. I am almost embarrassed to tell this, but the group has been opening doors by asking people if they know Mack Lyon and/or me. The people of Parkersburg know In Search of the Lord's Way quite well. Many have viewed us for years. WTAP interviewed me this morning at 6 am and showed the interview on their news broadcasts.

We visited a lady who is 103 years old today. She was a delightful Christian, a member of the Lord's church, whose daughter requested we visit her. She was baptized twelve years ago at age 91. When I walked near her, she pointed her finger at me and said, "I know you!" She had viewed Mack and me for years and longed to meet one of us. I was so blessed to visit with her.

We were knocking doors offering an eternity of blessing through the blood of Christ. Some were glad we came. One man did not want to talk to anyone. Another said he was an agnostic but showed some interest. Still another said he was not religious. One man who had had some bad experiences at church was not interested at first but later said he would come to the Campaign next week.

Opportunity.... how it comes and how people accept or reject it is interesting! Seven have accepted the opportunity, and we pray many more will. Tomorrow I will go to 36th St in Vienna to continue the campaign with brethren there. On Saturday I'll be at Camden Ave. On Saturday night the entire group will come together for a dinner on the Ohio Valley University campus. Hundreds of workers! They come from these states: West Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Idaho, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Georgia, Alabama, and Kentucky! I have probably missed some from other states. There are four churches working as rallying points with this campaign: North End, 36th St., Camden Ave., and Belpre (across the Ohio River).

Each day we are getting more and more excited about the Campaign. We hope to see thousands attending next week. Jackie will join me Saturday. Joe Wells comes in Friday with his family. Chris Walker will also come in Saturday.

God is already blessing us, and I will keep you informed with the details each day of this campaign. We thank God for all He does for us to make this campaign a reality.

because of a cross,

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Rita McAnulty (Vienna, WV) said...

Thank you very much Phil for your hard work at the Parkersburg, WV revival meetings. Your lessons are very good. I'm thankful for brethren like yourself who preach the word in season and out of season and even in "very Hot, Humid" days.
We love you and pray that the Good Lord will bless you and your work for many years. Abib thanks to all the other workers in the Lord that made our meeting a success.