Monday, October 26, 2009

New Babe In Christ

Dear Brother Mack,

My name is James Solomon I am a member of the Church of Christ in St.Lucia.
The L'Anse Road Church of Christ. My family and I have been watching your program for as long as I can remember. Thank you for all the wonderful lessons over the years. My father is the preacher for my congregation. He got a call last week from an elderly lady. She wanted to be baptized. So a study was set for Wednesday last week. Turns out that she has been listening to your program for several years and through your ministry has obeyed the gospel. She was introduced to the Church today and welcomed with open arms.
We also had another baptism this week so 2 persons were introduced today.
Please keep up the work even if you are behind the scenes these days.
Thanks once again

Your Brother in Christ
James Solomon

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Kenny said...

I grew up watching the programs myself. My dad would rarely miss watching it. Brother Lyons has been a part of many saved souls and thank you so much for posting that story to show the fruit!