Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We are so glad that you have stopped by the In Search of the Lord's Way new blog site. We want to use this as a tool to deliver information, news about the program, broadcast updates, devotional thoughts and many other items that would be of interest to our viewers. We hope that you will consider subscribing to the RSS feed to get the most up-to-date news that we have to offer. Please tell all your friends about our new blog and encourage them to come and check it out. Blog entries will be made by In Search of the Lord's Way staff including but not limited to: Mack Lyon, Chris Lyon, Phil Sanders, Kerry and Jerry Campbell, and Craig Dodgen. Occasionally we may invite special friends of Search to share a thought as well.

Thanks again for stopping by. Remember to check out www.searchtv.org for the latest in our programming which is posted every week in video and audio. You will also find there, weekly, the latest transcript is available along with program topics and our latest newsletter, the "Search Light". Many of our viewers enjoy listening to, or downloading the songs that are sung on the program as well. Finally, new for 2009, we have started a Daily Devotional thought which is posted on the front page of the website each weekday. This year Phil is taking us through the entire Bible day by day. All devotionals are in a nice PDF format and can be downloaded and saved or printed out for personal use. We encourage all to begin each day with a moment of devotion with the Lord, and we pray all will be blessed by our efforts.



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