Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not Insane At All

Recently a blogger called me to task for the article giving GREAT NEWS in a recent issue of SEARCHLight. He suggested I was insane and questioned my knowledge of church growth data about the church.

He pointed out some of the recent decline (2006-2009) among churches of Christ as if I was unaware of the facts and figures. Of course, I am aware of these matters. I am not insane.

I am well aware that some churches are graying and dying, but many are not. Many are doing quite well, growing and full of children. I have attended them over the last year traveling throughout the country.

I am also aware of how the progressives among us are losing over sixty percent of their children to community churches. However, I also realize the mainstream congregations among us are keeping most of their children (according to Flavil Yeakley, with whom I had a lengthy conversation last year). For the research see "Where Are the Children?" in Life's Greatest Questions, 2009 ETSOP Lectureship in Karns, TN.

I have frequently given a list of "progressive" congregations that have shrunk by the hundreds of members in recent years because they adapted a compromise theology. Insane? No.

Phil Sanders


Anonymous said...

The truth on this issue will be pretty evident in about 25 years.

Drew Kizer said...

Have you given this information in any detail online? I would like it for my files.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a list of the progressives in the north central Texas area.

Kenny said...

Amen brother! GOD knows how to grow HIS church, and all we need to do is preach and teach the Gospel as they did in the beginning!

Donna West said...

Mack & Phil,we seem lost in a world of "new wave" "Mega" churches,here in the Metroplex between Dallas & Ft.Worth Texas.I Grew up in a small church(Birdville),then moved to Richland Hills.We were members there until they went way off track.Could you hint at congregations near Colleyville Texas that support your work? That would be so helpful to us! God Bless!