Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great News!

I hear many people talking about the graying of the churches, but did you know that churches of Christ have a larger percentage of young adults than the national average. In fact, we rank #3 among major religious group in having the most adults aged 18-29.

According to the Pew Forum's U.S. Religious Landscape Survey, the total population percentage of adults aged 18-29 numbers 20, yet churches of Christ have 22 percent in that category! In fact, only two religious groups had more adults that age (Pentecostal with black tradition and Church of God in Christ). The Baptist in the Historically Black tradition had 22 percent, and the non-denominational in the mainline tradition also had 22 percent. (see pages 82-83 of this report)

Well, we are not dying as some think!



Brittany said...

This is very encouraging since most people spend the majority of their time speaking about the demise of the church. Thanks for the information; I made sure to post it on my blog with a link back to yours.

fairgasser said...

Dear bother Mac...You are remembered fondly by my wife of 55 years, Susan Smyth Wilson, formerly of Blackwell. Neoma and Dennis loved you, too. God bless you. I, too, believe it is our advesary who would have us believe the lie regarding 'the demise of the church'. Indeed, it is those who have lost the distictive nature of Jesus'church who wander away. These are led by blind leaders and ministers who do not know the word.